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We asked Steven Verhelst to write a composition for our first CD. Also new arrangements have been made for the 2nd recording session.

To this day these pieces have been performed by the Belgian Trombone Choir:
  • Oblivion (arr. Elliot Chasanov)
  • Wild West (arr. TVM)
  • Wrath (Peter Graham, arr. TVM)
  • A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie, arr. TVM)
  • Albanian Dance (Shelbey) (arr. TVM)
  • Aria che faro senza eudice di Gluck (arr. TVM) solo alt -and tenortrbn
  • Little Fugue (re-arranged for BTK, arr. TVM)
  • Palladio (Carl Jenkings, arr. TVM)
  • Grand Central (arr. Guy Gyles)
  • Crimson Tide (Hans Zimmer, arr. Guy Gyles)
  • Little Basie (arr. TVM)
  • Andante Cantabile (arr. TVM)
  • The Chief (John Stevens) Bass Trombone solo
  • Blue Topaz (Tommy Pederson) Bass Trombone solo
  • Highlights of Moulin Rouge (arr. TVM)
  • Catnap (arr. TVM)
  • Catwalk (arr. TVM)
  • At the Mambo Inn (arr. TVM)
  • El Choclo (arr. TVM)
  • Sosban Fach (arr. TVM)
  • Music for a Darkened Theatre (arr. TVM)
  • Latin Celebration (arr. TVM)
  • Summer in Central Park (arr. TVM)
  • The Maid of the Moor (arr. TVM)
  • Wandrin Star (arr. TVM)
  • Zigeunerweisen (arr. TVM) trombone solo
  • Who's that masked man? (arr. TVM)
  • A song for Japan (Steven Verhelst)
  • Intrada (Steven Verhelst)