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Tim Van Medegael comes from a breed of gifted musicians and consequently started playing as a boy. He proceeded to the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, and later to the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, where he obtained his degree as a bass trombonist in the class of Michel Tilkin. He went on to study with a train of renowned bass trombonists in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Sweden.

Since 1994 Tim has been the bass trombone soloist of the Brussels Philharmonic. As a chamber musician he is a member of the Wim Mertens ensemble. Moreover he is the founder and conductor of Brussels Philharmonic Brass and the Belgian Trombone Choir.
He conducted the musical Chicago in 2012 (music school Buggenhout) and the musical Annie at Brussels (Green Parrot Organisation, 2014).

End of August 2014 Tim conducted a chamber string orchestra. Together with tenor Wilfried Vandenbrande he brought pieces of Cole Porter.

 Tim conducts very often the brass players of the Brussels Philharmonic with known pieces and his own arrangements.

He regularly performs on the bass as well as the contrabass trombone on a freelance basis. September 2013 he will start teaching the trombone at the Lemmens-institute. Recent movie soundtrack recordings featuring Tim on the bass and the contrabass trombone are:
  •     Shore, Howard – The Aviator
  •     Djawadi, Ramin – Sammy’s Adventures – The Secret Passage
  •     Djawadi, Ramin – Fly me to the Moon
  •     Djawadi, Ramin - Sammy's Adventures II - Escape from Paradise
  •     Yared, Gabriel – La Belle du Seigneur
  •     Bource, Ludovic – The Artist
  •     Perruchon, Etienne – Le Magasin des Suicides
  •     amphibious 3D
  •     dolfje, Weerwolfje
  •     Walter Süskind
  •     Sur la piste du Marsupilami
  •     the death of IPU
  •     Superstar
  •     The Wonder
  •     Mariah Mundi (Fernando Velazquez)
  •     Knack (game for playstation 4)
  •     La Marche (Dave Warbeck)
  •     The House of Magic (Djawadi, Ramin)
  •     Klondike (Series on National Geographic Channel)
  •    Asterix et le Domaine des Dieux
  •    Girls night out
  •    The Suprise
  •    The Admiral (Michiel Deruyter)
  •     High Rise
  •     Cafard
  •     Baron 1898 - Efteling
  •     Bollie and Billy 2
  •     Iron Sky 2
  •     Death of Stalin
  •     Flight Simulator
  •     Mrs Mills (Sophie Marceau)
  •     El Abrol de la Sangre (Lucas Vidal)
  •     redbat (Trevor Morris)

Tim plays exclusively on Kromat bass and contrabass trombones. At the moment Hans Kromat and Tim are working on a new bass trombone. This 'bartok' bass trombone will help Tim to play concerto for Orchestra (Bartok) on a tour with Brussels Phil at Vienna and Salzburg. The instrument can be changed into a bass trombone with single valve.

Brussels Philharmonic is established at Brussels Flagey culture centre.